A downloadable GameJam Game for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android

You're an old-fashioned seafarer in modern day society.

The first moments take place in a courtroom, where you get prosecuted for having illegally download movies on the internet.

The ground shakes and a loud noise is heard, suddenly a portal opens up right in the courtroom. But, it's not an ordinary portal, nothing's coming out of it. Instead, the entire courthouse is sucked into it and you're transported to this weird dimension.

Your goal is to bake a teleportation pie to get back home.

Made for a 3 day gamejam with the theme "food". I had a different idea that I scrapped because it felt too daunting, so I made this on the last day.

It was my first gamejam, and first thing I make in RPG Maker, and it was quite fun tbh.

Update v1.02: NPCs crashing the game fixed and Ealyn's shop is now open.

Update v1.03: It should be possible to play the game from start to end now. I am not aware of any game-breaking bugs as of this moment.


A day in the life of a Seafarer.rar 102 MB

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